Writing advertising and web copy for a product or service can be tricky. Your goal is to get customers to buy something or pay for a service, but a hard sales pitch approach just doesn’t work online or in print. That type of writing requires a lighter touch, one that illustrates to them how your product or service will benefit them.

You obviously want to offer technical information about your product or the services you offer, but more importantly, you want them to visualize how using your product or service will improve their everyday lives. Using the “used car salesman” approach comes off as aggressive and is a turn-off for potential customers. The best way to illustrate your value is by telling them a story about how it’s improved the lives of other customers like them. Customer testimonials and product reviews are an effective way to tell a story about the direct impact of your product or service. One way to gather this information is to send your clients a quick email after the project is complete and ask them for open-ended responses to questions that are designed to get them to talk about the positive effects of your product or service. Ask them how they use your product or service. Ask them what they like best about it and how it’s helped them or improved their life. Be sure your form includes a checkbox for the client to acknowledge that they are giving you permission to use their comments for marketing purposes. You do not need to use their full name in your marketing campaigns, but it’s best to ask their permission before using quotes from their responses.

Bear in mind, you can and probably will get responses from unhappy clients. Ask any restaurant with a Yelp page and they’ll tell you how some of those negative reviews can hurt business. But, even negative responses can provide useful feedback about ways to improve your product or service. For your marketing and web content purposes, the positive comments you receive from clients can be a powerful storytelling tool that will help potential customers become actual customers.

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